Lessons I learnt from Saloni Srivastava.

Hello, Welcome back to my blog.

It’s been a while since I wrote my first blog. So, here I am with a new one. I am new to blogging, so I am taking my time to adjust with it.

Well, this is a personal blog. I am writing about a person who has been an inspiration for many but these are my lessons from her. She has taught many things but I have been able to learn and apply a few of them.

Before I start. I wanted to share a very personal story. It’s a simple experience of my life. I was in 9th standard in my school. I had an English teacher. My name is Sonali but she would always call me Saloni. I never had a problem with that but the memory remain struck to me forever. I never knew that the name I was referred to would in future, change my life.

Well, for all who do not know, who is Saloni Srivastava? She is an Indian YouTuber, Coach, Podcaster, TedEx speaker, Entrepreneur and so much more. She has a family of 300k on YouTube, she has trained over 1200 in her academy. She is a Lady Boss.

So, back to my learnings.

I started watching her YouTube channel from the past 2 years. Her very first video I watched was “5 habits that changed my life and why they’ll change yours too.” (Don’t worry I will mention all the links of her videos from which I learnt the particular lesson.)

1. Minimalism: When I first started watching YouTube, I used to watch a lot of videos of foreigners whose YouTube channel showed so many things they had. So, I used to think the more you have all these expensive things, the better you are. She was one of the first YouTuber I saw, who talked to me about minimalism and I realised that minimalism is not something to despise but to welcome it. You don’t have to follow the trend, buy what is most essential for you.

2. Financial Independence: Watching Saloni’s video, I realised that being financially independent is very important in life. So I started giving tuitions. I got Rs. 300/- as my first pay. It was a small pay but yes I was happy because I started.

Secondly, I paid for both of Saloni’s course from the money I earned. I have learnt over the years that I have taken many things for granted because my parent’s paid the money but when I paid for them I made sure I fully utilised the things. (That’s my thinking)

3. Budgeting: Budgeting was something I learnt from Saloni. Although I was a commerce background student, this was one of the few things never taught in school. So, I really liked her simple way of budget.

I made it a point that whatever I earn and spend, I would write it down.

4. Writing: Saloni has always emphasized on writing and it was a must. She even launched her journals so that people could get into the habit of writing. Well, this stuck with me and one of my 2020 resolutions was to inculcate the habit of writing.

5. Reading: This is something I think you will resonate with me on this point. I was an off/on reader in school but in my college days, I picked up the habit of reading after watching Saloni’s collection of books. I love her bookshelf.

6. Planning: It goes without saying that she is a great planner. Her meal planning videos, her white board, journals and everything, are just an example of it. Taking inspiration from her, I brought a white board for planning and a soft board for my vision board 2020.

7. Time Management: This is one skill I am still trying to improve on. I feel I have learnt 50% of it but I still have a long way to go.

8. Never measure your growth with other’s numbers: I was never into social media but with the career choices I made, presence on Social media was a must. When I started Instagram, I was bothered about how my numbers were not growing and how others had so many followers but when I was on Hustle post Main academy video call, Saloni emphasized on giving on quality and not worrying about the numbers. That stuck me hard and I now work on my content and not on numbers.

9. Gratitude: I have practiced this habit for the past 7 months and it surely makes a big difference to your life. I write 3 to 5 things I am grateful for and I have stopped fretting about things not in my control.

10. Find your way: Saloni made me realise this thing from her podcast. Life closed her door of YouTube channel during the corona, she went ahead and opened so many doors for herself. Isn’t that great? Even I am trying to learn from this and implementing it in my life.

Listen to her podcast for the motivation. (Click the word podcast to listen to it.)

I highly recommend people to learn from her videos. She provides people with lifelong lessons if you observe her closely.

I was writing these in my diary, so I thought of sharing with you all.

All the pictures have been taken from her Instagram.

All videos are from her YouTube channel.

Thank You.

Until next time,

Love Sonali.

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