Start reviewing and see a major difference in life

I started 2021 with a lot of thoughts, hopes and action plan. I realised that I did many things like others to level up my game but I didn’t review my progress, because I was maybe scared of reviewing and so I decided to start this review process quarterly so that I can stay aligned with my goals.

So, here it is.

Let me walk you through the structure of my goals and this review.

So, I will be talking about 5 different aspects of my life, where do I think I am making a mistake, and what are the things I have to do to improve myself.

I will be talking about these sectors of my life:-

1. Physical Health

2. Work

3. Reading

4. Writing

5. Mental Health.


I started exercising for 21 days in February but I fell back again on this habit.

So, before this quarter ends, I will start a challenge to work out again.

I am eating healthy, so that part is covered but my exercise routine has to be set.

Why do I think I am failing at this repeatedly?

  • I am not taking it as a priority.

  • I am not pushing myself enough for this.

What do I need to do about it?

Take exercise as a priority. Make a schedule for it.


This is one sector I am happy about the progress I have made.

I have started focusing on my work more seriously than before.

I have started posting across various platforms, that’s cool. I am taking things slow but I am satisfied.

I also overcame my phone addiction. I had a watch time of more than 6 hours daily but I slowly came down to 3-4 hours a day.

That’s great progress for me. I will write a complete new blog about it.

I am also making a habit of working a bit early so that I can get more done.

What am I stuck at?

  • I have to learn to make effective to-do lists and complete work.

  • I also need to learn batch creating and learn to effectively use Click up.


I am making a good progress on reading. I read two books and third one I am reading.

The reading list –

1. Becoming by Michelle Obama

2. Where the Crawdads sing by Delia Owens

3. Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson. (Reading)

What do I think I am lacking?

  • I want to get read a fiction and non- fiction every month. So that has to be maintained

  • I want to also get into the habit of maintaining a journal for the same.


You are seeing this blog because I took up writing seriously. So, I gave myself a thousand reasons why I could not do something but I never asked myself how could I do it?

I overcame my mind blocks and decided to write whatever came to my mind.

The habit I want to start is write every day for 30 minutes. I want to write more blogs.


This area was the most under performing area of my life. I faced severe mental issues due to personal reasons. I took my time to slow down, rest, detox and get back up.

This phase pushed me to work hard on my work goals.

What I lack in?

  • I am not meditating.

  • I have to get into the habit of doing it.

This year started with a great note. I have been focusing on myself, that feels great. I want to focus myself to my work goals, social media goals and explore a lot of different things.

What are your two cents on the blog? Do you review your goals? Have you found them effective?

Let me know in the comments.



Born to create a legacy.

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