Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Hello you!

This is my first article on the blog. This article is just written for you and only you! You must be wondering why? Isn’t it?

Let me take you through this article and you will understand what I am saying.

You want exceptional things in life like happiness, brilliant career, money, family and the list goes on. I know even I want the same things. To get what you want, there is a simple formula that I will share below.

There is a basic concept of demand I.e. people have unlimited wants but they don’t get it because they need money to get what they want.


Similarly, to get things of what you want in your life you must have the purchasing power to get them.

I will tell you what purchasing power you need to get what you want, but there is a catch. Be true to yourself while reading this. Self-reflect. I am sure you will get the purchasing power at the end of the article.

1. TAKE MORE ACTION: You want many things big and small but are working just ordinary or extraordinary to get great results?

2. STOP SELF-SABOTAGE: You criticize yourself for making mistakes, but do you sit down and self -reflect why things went wrong and what you are to learn to never make those mistakes again? So, promise yourself to self-reflect every time you make a mistake.

3. MIND-SET GAME: It requires the right mind-set to move forward in life. Things may take an ugly turn, but how you respond to it is important. So what choice do you make a Growth mind-set or a stagnant mind-set?

4. PROCRASTINATION: Do you do the right things at the right time or do you slack off? You should not give in to temporary comforts because they might give you happiness for a short while, but they cannot yield a grand future for you.

5. LIFELONG LEARNING: Self-learning and growing are so important. Invest in yourself to be a better you. Learn from books, audiobooks, mentors, and podcasts. Life is much more than a syllabus orientation. Invest in it.

6. WRITING: Writing is an amazing art that bridges the gap between what you want and what you get. Learn to use it wisely.

7. SATISFY EXPECTATIONS: You take less action because of your fear of being judged, criticized, and laughed at. Is the fear of judgment more important than regret itself?

8. PAIN: Growth and pain are two sides of the same coin. None comes without the other. So are you ready today to bear the pain for tomorrow’s gains?

9. PATIENCE: Success takes time. Do you have the patience to make success feel that you are its right companion?

10. RECHARGE: You recharge your phone daily or twice a day, but do you recharge yourself? Recharging in the form of meditation, brain dump, and journaling is very important and a must.

Now, I have told you the Purchasing Power of a Successful Life. Are you ready to get what you want?

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